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Snakes and ladders

I can’t say that I love to play board games with my kids. It could be that they are so young and that it often involves fighting, it could be the mess and chaos with lots of choke-able little pieces left everywhere, or it could be that I just don’t enjoy the 700th game of kids cluedo where they make up new rules every time. It’s often something I leave to the grandparents to play with them. But when you make your own game, it includes numeracy practice, craft and fine motor skills development and makes a 15 minute activity actually take up more like an hour. So this weekend we made our own game of snakes and ladders.

What you’ll need:

  • 1 pack of pipecleaners

  • 1 large piece of paper (or you can sticky-tape 2 A4 sheets together)

  • Some pencils

  • Dice or cubes of something to make dice of your own.

  • A ruler

  • A stapler

How you do it:

  1. Start with getting all the bits and pieces together and ruling up the page into squares. We did a 48 square board, but you could do bigger or smaller. Perfectionist mums and dads, don’t worry if the squares aren’t all the same size – the kids really won’t notice. If you have older children, you can have them do this part too.

  2. Call the kids over and depending on their age, get them to write the numbers into the squares.

  3. Grab your pipe cleaners and start making your snakes and ladders. If you are feeling creative, you can make different animals instead. Crocodiles and giraffes anyone? Attach them to the board using stapler

  4. Have each child make their own token to move around the board. We just made little people, but you could just make different shapes.

  5. If you are making your own dice, get the kids involved in this too. We used some wooden cubes that came in a craft pack from kmart, but you could use play-dough or paper. You could even make a really large dice out of a carboard box or tissue box.

  6. Play with your kids and enjoy.

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