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Craft - a.k.a. a whole lot of mess

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

Do you hate the set up and pack up of craft? I do. I feel like you spend 20 mins setting everything up, then they play with stuff for 5mins and get distracted and walk away. Then you're left with a massive mess that you have to pack away.

On a recent hospital stay with one of my munchkins (they’re totally fine now, just a virus), the play therapist gave us these little simple craft packs for the kids to play with. They were genius, because they just contained enough stuff for one simple activity, they were age appropriate and were really easy to pack away at the end. So I decided to give it a crack for myself.

You can theme these however you like, but given I have a preschooler showing an interest in early reading, I did these based on the letter of the alphabet. Ie one pack for each letter. I was also making mine up for 2 children of preschool age to play with together, so there are two of most things in each pack,

What you’ll need:

  • Cellophane or paper bags ( I like the clear plastic ones which have a sticky seal. That way it holds in everything without spilling and the kids can also see what’s inside each one when they go to pick one out. Its not the most environmentally friendly, but you can reuse them.

  • A pack of colouring paper and cheap coloured pencils

  • Whatever combination of craft supplies you like (go to your local $2store and get whatever you like)  I tend to include some wrapping paper cut up for sticking, little felt or foam animals, pegs for making into peg men, feathers etc

  • Some bits and pieces collected from your garden (leaves, gumnuts, little flowers etc)

  • A cheap colouring book and/or stencils you print out from online. I used some nsw foundation handwriting sheets, as well as some animal colouring book pages.

  • A couple of pages of stickers

How to:

  1. Lay out our bags on the floor/table/kitchen bench. Grab your colouring paper and stencils/pages out of the colouring books and add one of each to each bag.

  2. Then add one or 2 coloured pencils to each bag.

  3. Then go for your life with the craft supplies. Just remember tho, that you don’t want too much in each one. You’ll be able to see from my pictures, that I tried to stick to one or two types of things in each bag. I also cut up the pages of stickers so there were just a few in each bag.

Tip: I keep a big container of glue in the pantry and then only hand it out in a small quantity when needed. Cotton buds (the type on sticks) work really well as disposable brushes for the glue too.

I worked out that these bags cost me about $1.50 each including the cost of the bags etc. I did have a couple of bits and pieces already at home which I included, but you can easily make these for under $2 a bag.

I have also been known take one with me when we are going somewhere that I need to keep the kids entertained.

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