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At the Car wash

At the Carwash is a fun way to spend an hour when you're looking for something to do! I like to put on the song Christina Aguilera's Car Wash and watch my little one enjoy some water play.

We use car's because that's what my little one likes to use, but you could also wash:

A tea set




This fun little activity will cost you $20.65! However, you might have most of these things at home already.

What you’ll need:

1 small container ($11.50)

Bubble bath ($2.15)

1 toothbrush ($2.00)

Placemat or tea towel ($5.00)

How to do it:

  1. Get your container and half fill it with water.

  2. Put a generous squeeze of bubble bath into the container.

  3. Put that lid on your container and shake it like a Polaroid.

  4. Take the lid off your container and place it on the placemat or tea towel.

  5. Now you pop your cars into the bubbly water and wash them with your little scrubbing brush!

  6. Finally: Enjoy!

Contributed by Elizabeth Latham

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