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A million Cups….

First in a series of posts called ‘shit they never tell you about motherhood’ – how many bloody cups children use in one day.

I swear to god, we have about 45 children’s cups in this house; from drink bottles to straw cups, sippy cups to plastic ikea cups - we have a cup for every occasion and every single one is used every single day. Every time a child is thirsty they get a new cup. Every time they want to use water for some craft or game, they get a new cup. Sometimes they get a new cup, take it to another room, discard it for no reason and then come back and get a new cup. Cups are used to stack, store food, collect bugs, fill with rocks from the garden and throw at one another. Cups are used in games and cups are used to make noise. If there is a use for a cup – my children have discovered it and perfected it. The picture above is of my dishwasher this morning. I count 19 kid's cups just in that top shelf alone. There are also 3 or 4 drink bottles on the shelf below and it is only midday.

Just limit them to one cup each, I hear you say. Give them each one cup and write their names on it. Limit them to just that cup. Sounds sensible.

Do you know how long it takes to lose a cup?

3.5 seconds.

I’ve timed it.

And said cups would all have to be identical cups, or world war three would break out over the green cup. Or the purple cup. Or whichever cup they have decided they love today, but hated yesterday. And then god forbid that cup breaks. Or gets lost (see above). And aren’t we supposed to be encouraging self sufficiency? If I limit them to one cup, I’m going to be roped into finding that cup every time they want water.

Notice something? I mean, apart from the clear evidence that one week of #homeschooling is sending me crazy. I’m defeated. There is no good solution to the cup crisis. Much like many aspects of parenting, I have to pick my battles and the volume of cups used is not the hill I want to die on. I have resigned myself to doing a full dishwasher load of cups everyday for the time being. Thank god for modern appliances.

I look forward to one day visiting my children in their homes and using every single cup in their house (probably for wine) and then giggling to myself.

That’ll be the day 

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