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5 educational ‘sight word’ games

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

Got a young child home from school and looking for a way to make learning sight words fun? Here are some ideas to keep you busy:

  1. Use sticks and leaves from the back garden to form the letters of your sight words. This is a great way to draw out an activity, incorporate some time outside and keep the mess out of your living room. Start by going on a scavenger hunt through the back garden or a local park to collect things that will help you spell out your words. Sticks, pieces of long grass, leaves, feathers, bark etc. Then sit down with your sight word list and form the letters out of the materials you have collected.

  2. Shaving cream. Find the cheapest shaving cream at the supermarket and a sheet pan. Fill the sheet pan with shaving cream – you can even add some food colouring if you’re feeling adventurous. Then get the kids to use their fingers to draw in the cream to spell out their words.

  3. A game of memory. Using bits of paper and pens, make up pairs of sight word cards and have a game of memory. Making the cards first and then using the cards to play the game essentially creates two activities in one. For younger preschool children you can do this with individual letters and older children can use age/stage appropriate words. Of course you can buy these already made up - I have a bunch from the Magic 100 for my kindergarten/prep kids.

  4. Word scavenger hunt. Using the cards you created above or making new ones, place your cards around the living room in different spots. Then call out the words and they have to go ‘hunting’ for them. I have played this in the past with kids in character, using pretend binoculars and baskets to carry the cards in after they have found them. You can make it as fun by using your child’s favourite characters/shows as inspiration. Does you child love PJ masks? Tell them that each word is a nijalino and you have to capture them. Got a Frozen fan? Tell them you are collecting snowflakes or rock monsters. You get the idea ;-)

  5. Play a game of ‘keepy uppy’. Just like the Bluey episode, the floor is lava and we can't let the sight words touch the ground. Using a few balloons (not too many), blow up your balloons and then write the sight word in large letters on the side in permanent marker. Then put them on the loungeroom floor and tell you kids that the floor is ‘lava’ for each sight words as you call it out. Call out your first word and get them to throw it into the air and try to keep it up (working together with their siblings if you are doing it together as a group). Then the next word and so on. They don’t have to keep them all in the air, just the on that you’ve called out. Once you call out the next word, the first word is safe to touch the ground.

Got any great ideas you have used at home? Suggest them below: we are all in this social distancing thing together, so help another mother out :-) extra points if you can use things around the house and don’t have to go out to get anything new.

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